Experienced Criminal Defense

The Law Office of David J. Dischley, PLC, helps people who are charged with criminal offenses in Virginia by providing aggressive and innovative criminal defense.  Virginia criminal laws are some of the toughest in the country and being charged with a criminal offense in Virginia, like reckless driving, DUI / DWI, or possession of drugs can have serious consequences that may drastically affect your job, schooling, and other factors relating to your livelihood.

David J. Dischley has been in the business of protecting people for over 15 years.  From serving in the military as an enlisted United States Marine to being a prosecutor in two Northern Virginia jurisdictions, Attorney Dischley leverages his skill and experience to produce the needed result in every situation. No matter what stage of the criminal justice system you find yourself, the Law Office of David J. Dischley, PLC can help. From government investigations by local, state, or federal law enforcement through all stages of the trial process, Attorney Dischley will protect you.

Attorney Dischley represents clients charged with criminal offenses throughout Virginia, in both state and federal court. He has extensive trial experience dealing with Virginia and Federal criminal offenses.  Attorney Dischley offers a free consultation to discuss your pending case; whether it is a Virginia Reckless Driving, Virginia DUI / DWI, Federal DUI / DWI, or other Federal Criminal Offense or Virginia criminal charge.