Experienced Criminal Defense

Virginia criminal laws are some of the toughest in the country and being charged with a criminal offense in Virginia, like a reckless driving, DUI / DWI, or possession of drugs, can have serious consequences and may drastically effect your job, schooling, and other factors relating to your livelihood.    David J. Dischley has been in the business of protecting people for over 15 years.  From serving in the military as an enlisted United States Marine to being a prosecutor in two Northern Virginia jurisdictions, Attorney Dischley leverages his skill and experience to produce the needed result in every situation.

Attorney Dischley represents clients charged with criminal offenses throughout Virginia and has extensive trial experience dealing with Virginia criminal offenses.  As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Attorney Dischley offers a free consultation to discuss your pending Virginia Reckless Driving, Virginia DUI / DWI, or Virginia criminal charge.

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