Aggressive Driving

§ 46.2-868.1. Aggressive driving; penalties.

A. A person is guilty of aggressive driving if (i) the person violates one or more of the following: § 46.2-802 (Drive on right side of highways),§ 46.2-804 (Failure to observe lanes marked for traffic),§ 46.2-816 (Following too closely),§46.2-821 (Vehicles before entering certain highways shall stop or yield right-of-way),§ 46.2-833.1 (Evasion of traffic control devices),§ 46.2-838 (Passing when overtaking a vehicle),§ 46.2-841 (When overtaking vehicle may pass on right),§ 46.2-842 (Driver to give way to overtaking vehicle),§ 46.2-842.1 (Driver to give way to certain overtaking vehicles on divided highway),§ 46.2-843 (Limitations on overtaking and passing),any provision of Article 8 (§ 46.2-870 et seq.) of Chapter 8 of Title 46.2 (Speed),or § 46.2-888 (Stopping on highways); and (ii) that person is a hazard to another person or commits an offense in clause (i) with the intent to harass, intimidate, injure or obstruct another person.

B. Aggressive driving shall be punished as a Class 2 misdemeanor. However, aggressive driving with the intent to injure another person shall be punished as a Class 1 misdemeanor. In addition to the penalties described in this subsection, the court may require successful completion of an aggressive driving program.