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Stephen D. Hall

Stephen D. Hall is an associate at Dischley Law, PLLC. He is a tireless and fastidious researcher, a skilled advocate, and an empathetic counselor. 

Stephen started at the Alexandria Circuit Court where he briefed the judges on hundreds of complex civil and criminal cases and motions ranging from demurrers to motions to suppress. Through this experience, Stephen gained a wealth of knowledge about civil and criminal law and procedure. 

He also helped pro se clients—and other attorneys—resolve issues with court filings including uncontested divorce documents, show cause orders, name changes, and concealed carry permits. This required him to explain complex and esoteric provisions of the Virginia Code to diverse members of the community. 

After his time at the Alexandria Circuit Court, Stephen served as a land use associate for a real estate law firm and a senior analyst at a higher ed consulting firm. 

Stephen graduated cum laude from Washington and Lee University School of Law and magna cum laude from Syracuse University.

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