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Reckless Driving by Speed

Anticipated Dispositions

Facing Reckless Driving by Speed charges in Northern Virginia can be scary. These charges often requires negotiating a deal to avoid the misdemeanor. This is the goal of many clients. Depending on a variety of factors, after negotiations the prosecutor may offer the following:

  • a Speeding ticket,
    • at the same speed (6 points if 20 mph or more over speed limit),
    • 10-19 over, (4 points)
    • 1-9 over (3 points)
  • improper driving (3 points)
  • failure to obey a highway sign (3 points)

Additionally, Defective equipment, failure to pay full time and attention, and failure to obey a highway sleeper sign are no point offenses.

Any reduction out of reckless driving will result in only a fine. results in a fine up to $250.00 with the exception of improper driving which could be $500.00.

However, the legal issues and mitigation play an important role in the disposition. So make sure you follow the advice of your attorney to ensure the best possible outcome.

The attorneys at Dischley Law possess the skill necessary to negotiate and fight reckless driving cases in all northern Virginia jurisdictions.

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