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Sean A. Sherlock – Background

His Path to being a Criminal Defense Attorney

In this video, Sean describes his background and his path to being a Northern Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney representing clients charged with DWI | DUI , Reckless Driving, Possession of Controlled Substances, Domestic Assault, Embezzlement, Larceny, and other criminal offenses in courts throughout Northern Virginia (Loudoun, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William, and Fauquier)


I was born in Alexandria Virginia And then soon after that I moved to the Outer Banks North Carolina with my mom. I spent a lot of my early years there and then for high school, we moved to Pittsburgh, PA Go Steelers! Go Pens!

So I did high school there. After I graduated from high school, I went on to Penn State University for my undergrad degree. That’s where I met my wife and then from there we moved to DC and I went to law school at American University.

My interest n the law really started in law really started at undergrad in Penn State. I got involved on campus there in an organization that actually helped defend students that were charged with violating the university’s code of conduct. They didn’t have a right to a lawyer at that time in those procedures so if they got in trouble at the school, they were allowed to have a representative there so we formed a little kind of ad hoc law firm of just students who would research the cases and go to these hearings with them and helped them. We had a lot of football players that we helped in those situations and that’s where I really started to get a passion for not just the law but for helping people through those kinds of processes.

I got a great amount of experience during law school in the real world. So I think it started there. When I was in law school I did a clerkship at the office of the Attorney General in DC and then I did a summer clerkship for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. Then I also did a stint in the Anne Arundel County Prosecutor’s Office during law school. So when I graduated I had a lot of good experience already in court. A lot of experience with criminal justice issues. I really really really wanted to get into criminal justice and particularly at that time, I wanted to be a prosecutor.

I ended up at a litigation firm in DC. I’m actually happy it went that way for me though because I did a couple years of that civil litigation firm and I got some great experience there, you know big trials some big cases wrongful death cases very serious matters. And so after I got that experience then I applied to the prosecutor’s office in Alexandria, Virginia and I spent a little over 5 years there

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