when you're in need of a criminal law attorney, The Law Office of David J. Dischley, PLC will fight for you!

The Firm

Northern Virginia Criminal Defense AttorneyDavid J. Dischley is an Aggressive and Innovative Northern Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney!

The Law Office of David J. Dischley, PLC is a Northern Virginia Criminal Defense firm who knows that facing criminal charges is a stressful and scary experience. From the time you are arrested or become the focus of an investigation, you are filled with fear and uncertainty. Attorney Dischley understands this fear and helps put this fear to rest!  He knows this is when understanding, compassion, and knowledge are critical.  Most of all, he knows this is when results matter because the result will define how this event affects the rest of your life.   If you are facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, Attorney Dischley will be with you every step of the way and make the process as smooth as possible.  He will take the time to answer all your questions and put you at ease because  Attorney Dischley knows that you have tough decisions to make.

Utilizing innovation, creativity, and the tenacity only a U.S. Marine can bring into the Courtroom, Attorney Dischley produces the results you need.

Criminal Defense Specialist

As a Northern Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney, David J. Dischley strives to provide proven results when they matter most. Attorney Dischley specializes in criminal defense because he truly believes that even good people can find themselves in bad situations.  As a former prosecutor, he has the skill and experience to be on either side of the Courtroom; however, he uses this experience to benefit your case.  Attorney Dischley can anticipate potential outcomes, knows the prosecutor’s potential offers, and is familiar with all the strategies used by the prosecution.  Therefore, he can eliminate risk and surprise.  Attorney Dischley is a Northern Virginia Criminal Defense specialist who will eliminate the risk and surprises in your case.  Because of his knowledge, he can leverage the scales in your favor and produce the result you desperately need.

Proven Protector

Attorney Dischley has been in the business of protecting people for over 20 years!  He served in the military as an enlisted United States Marine and was a prosecutor in two Northern Virginia jurisdictions (Fauquier and Loudoun),  Attorney Dischley also has experience working with the intelligence community and as a Uniformed Officer for the U.S. State Department.  His background and personality make him a tenacious litigator who uses his skill and experience as leverage, Attorney Dischley can produce the perfect result for every situation. Most of all, Attorney Dischley will protect you!

Free Consultation

Attorney Dischley offers a free consultation to discuss your pending criminal matter.  He tries to make himself available 24/7 to address all your legal needs because legal issues can happen at anytime.

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