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All Dischley Law attorneys worked as prosecutors in some of the toughest Northern Virginia locations. As former prosecutors, our award-winning attorneys use that experience to benefit you. From criminal investigations to sentencing, our experienced Attorneys know every move the police or prosecutor will make. This allows us to craft creative defenses designed to win your case. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews below.

David J. Dischley is a preeminent criminal defense attorney in Northern Virginia
David J. Dischley
Managing Partner

I just have to say David was amazing! He was recommended to me by my daughter and what a blessing. David made me feel confident in the process and advised me throughout the process. He also recommended a support group which has made an incredible difference in my life. I owe so much to David. I also have to say that on the day of Court, I felt so confident in his ability. What a great feeling when you are in that situation. He WON my case. It was truly a life-changing experience for me. Thank you, David! I have recommended David to numerous people.

Posted by Shelia on AVVO on July 24, 2020

2020 SuperLawyer for Washington DC/Virginia. Attorney Dischley was a U.S. Marine, a uniformed officer for the Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, an NRCC Controller at XM Satellite Radio. In 2003, he attended law school. After law school, he prosecuted in two Northern Virginia jurisdictions. He also worked in the Intelligence Community combating narcotics trafficking and money laundering. His legal advice is straightforward and practical. Attorney Dischley’s experience allows him to craft creative plans designed to win your case.

Sean A. Sherlock

Mr. Sherlock was very good at quickly establishing everything that needed to be done prior to my court date. He provided guidance on how and where to get each item done and helped me work around limitations specific to my being in the military and attending school. Ultimately I walked into the court room extremely well prepared and he was able to use our prior work to get me a great deal! His thorough work, personable skills, and dedication helped resolve my case and lift a great weight off my shoulders. I would recommend his services to anyone in need, especially active duty military!

Posted by Anonymous on Avvo on February 28, 2020

Attorney Sherlock is a powerful advocate! He handles civil matters and criminal defense with a focus on cases in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. As a former prosecutor in Alexandria, Virginia, Attorney Sherlock knows his way around a courthouse. Originally from Pittsburg, PA, Attorney Sherlock is down to earth and personable. But don’t be fooled, his innovative defense strategies result in a successful defense.

Patrick T. O’Brien

A short time ago, I found myself in a situation that I never thought I would be in, I was arrested for serious traffic offenses. I had never been arrested before, and was devastated, scared, and very fearful. I had no clue how to find an attorney, one that I could trust with my case and livelihood. I Googled DUI attorneys in my area, and numerous firms were provided by the search. As I was reviewing each one, I kept going back to Dischley Law Firm. There were several reasons they piqued my interest. First, Mr. Dischley was a Marine and Marines are fighters and are squared away. That gave me confidence in his ability. Also, I was impressed with Mr. Dischley, Mr. Sherlock, and Mr. O’Brien bio’s and their level of experience. I completed the online consultation request; I was contacted almost immediately by Mr. Dischley. Via email, we set up a time to discuss my case. Mr. Patrick O’Brien was my legal representation. I could not have been more pleased. From our first conversation, he made me feel confident in the Dischley Law Firm. He was reassuring, knowledgeable, and thorough in explaining the process and possible outcomes. Throughout the process, Mr. O’Brien checked in with me and kept me updated to all the ups and downs of my case, always reassuring me that he would fight for me and get the best possible outcome. Ultimately, he was able to get me an extremely favorable outcome in my case. I was very pleased with the outcome and results. Additionally, Mr. O’Brien was extremely helpful with some issues that surfaced during the process of my case, mostly around my employment. He was very helpful and utilized the Dischley Law Firms corporate knowledge to assist with these issues. I was highly impressed how well Mr. Dischley, Mr. Sherlock, and Mr. O’Brien collaborate and share their vast knowledge to help their clients. This was demonstrated several times during my case and was very reassuring. If you are reading this, and you need professional and competent attorneys, I highly recommend hiring Mr. O’Brien and the entire Dischley Law Firm! I promise he will exceed your expectations like he did mine

Posted by David on Avvo on August 3, 2020

Attorney O’Brien had 10 years of experience as a prosecutor. In that role, Attorney O’Brien prosecuted primarily serious felony offenses, drug charges, and white-collar offenses. Additionally, Attorney O’Brien worked with the Commonwealth Attorney’s Services Counsel training all prosecutors throughout Virginia. Furthermore, Attorney O’Brien trained numerous police officers in proper procedures relating to DWI and DUI.

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