Case Results

  • All Charges Dismissed by Prosecution
    Abduction (Felony), Obstruction of Justice, Domestic Assault and Battery

    Investigated case and showed the charge of Abduction was based upon a miscommunication between officer and complaining witness, convinced prosecutor to dismiss charge without hearing. Showed obstruction of justice predicated upon the client asserting his constitutional rights and dismissed by prosecutor as well. Domestic Assault and Battery eventually dismissed prior to trial as well.

  • Charges Dismissed
    Brandishing a Firearm

    Client had argument with ex-girlfriend and brandished a pistol by raising his shirt during the argument. The gun was not real but resembled a real firearm. Case resolved by paying victim her restitution and dismissed by an accord and satisfaction.

  • Case Dismissed
    Domestic Assault and Battery Dismissed at Motion to Strike

    Client had argued with his wife and had been arrested after the police came sometime later. The client denied anything physical had occurred but the police did not believe him and arrested him for Domestic Assault. The wife testified at trial.

  • Not Guilty

    Prosecutor refused to make a plea offer of anything other than DUI conviction. Client pled not guilty, and the case went to trial. Found not guilty, and case dismissed.

  • Charge Reduced
    DUI and Refusal
    Client had an accident and was immediately arrested for DUI, blood test showed alcohol level above the legal limit. Showed the Commonwealth that there existed a strong probability of suppression of blood evidence due to lack of probable cause to arrest, case dropped to reckless with no license suspension.
  • Charge Amended
    DUI and Refusal
    Excellent example of our proactive approach providing dividends. Had client complete substance abuse evaluation and recommended course thereafter, also provided information on exemplary career of PC prior to this incident. That program completion proved to be the basis the prosecutor determined a reduction of the charge was appropriate.