• Outstanding Experience from Start to Finish!
    My experience with Dischley Law, PLLC was outstanding from start to finish. I interacted with Mr. Dischley and found him knowledgeable and responsive to my questions. All of my calls and emails were returned promptly. I chose Dischley Law in part because they are a Veteran-owned firm, but also because of their competitive fees and the compassion they demonstrated as I described my case during the consultation. Most importantly, the team at Dischley Law provided me with expert counsel that resulted in a favorable outcome.

    - C.G.

  • You Will Not Find a More Caring and Proactive Attorney
    You will not find a more caring and proactive attorney in your search for effective representation. David gets right to the heart of the case, finds the defenses, and presents them at the right time. He is well respected by the judges and the prosecutors, making him your best choice!

    - J.M.

  • Helpful and Comforting

    After receiving a Reckless Driving summons in Fairfax, VA, I contacted a number of lawyers. I found my conversation with Dischley Law to be the most helpful and comforting.

    They walked me through all of the possible outcomes and remained optimistic while also tempering my expectations. They also recommended that I take a number of actions before my court date to ensure the best outcome.

    This, paired with both David Dischley's experience as prosecutors in the past made me confident he was right for the job. I can't express how important having that experience on the opposite side of a case was. I received a reduced charge, just a speeding ticket.

    I would also like to mention that throughout the process, their Office Manager, Nicole, was extremely professional and responsive. Thank you David and Nicole for your help!

    - R.M.

  • Very Professional and Personable Attorney
    Mr. Dischley is a very professional and personable attorney. His knowledge of my case and the workings of the system provided me a very favorable result. It was truly a pleasure working with him. He immediately instilled confidence which is very important for the severity of my case. I am very happy that I employed Mr. Dischley and would recommend him to my friends and family.

    - B.S.

  • You Are More Than Just A Client
    Dischley Law, PLLC knows that you are more than just a client. They treat you with respect. I couldn't be any more pleased with the service. They took the time to understand the entire situation. The high level of due diligence and down-to-earth approach was outstanding. Responsiveness, attention to detail, knowledgeable, professional...the list goes on. If you want the best, you go with Dischley.

    - O.O.

  • High-Quality Representation!
    I received high-quality representation after a quick response to my request for assistance! Friendly and professional lawyers! I will use them again!

    - B.B.

  • A+ Lawyers!
    I gave a 5+star rating of A+ lawyers. They know how to treat their customers, on-time response, and quickly solve traffic-related issues. I'm a CDL driver with almost 13 years of experience, clean record over the road. Recently I had 2 traffic tickets at the same time, speeding and "No Thru Trucks". I was worried that I might get points which increases my commercial insurance high and affects my driving record. But I have to mention Mr. David who is a professional, knew how to deal with the situation and helped me to dismiss the whole 2 tickets and no fees at all. I'm really pleased with Mr. David and Mr. Patrick's awesome lawyers. My advice to Commercial truck drivers, if you guys have any traffic-related issues, contact these guys. you won't regret it!
    Thank You Dishley Law, PLLC.

    - J.U.