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A arrest record can make life challenging. You can be denied housing, employment, and certain loans.  Rather than live the rest of your life with an arrest record that prevents you from contributing to society, you could have your arrests expunged. By hiring a criminal defense attorney, a Northern Virginia defendant, like you, can find out what it takes to expunge your criminal record quickly.

Meeting the Criteria
When you hire a speak with a defense attorney in Virginia, you can find out if your offenses meet the criteria for being expunged from your record. Certain offenses are not eligible for being removed from a person’s record. Presently, in Virginia, a conviction for any criminal offense cannot be expunged (with some exceptions) but a skilled defense attorney will know the laws and be able to tell you what your best options are, in your specific situation.
Do not assume that your record cannot be expunged. The State Legislature is in the process of making sweeping changes to the Expungement Laws which are going to lead to more people being eligible for this legal relief.

Following the Legal Process
The state requires you to follow a well-defined and precise legal process to have your record expunged. With extensive knowledge about the laws, your Manassas criminal defense attorney will know what this process is and be able to guide you through it in the most efficient way possible. Your lawyer will file all of the necessary paperwork, pay the court costs and make sure that your case gets on the docket right away. Your attorney can also represent you in court when your expungement hearing goes before the judge.

You can regain a meaningful and respectful life by having your criminal record expunged. Contact a Manassas criminal defense attorney at Dischley Law, PLLC for your free consultation today.