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October 1, 2020 – Fairfax, VA: A Dischley Law, PLLC client was found not guilty after a trial in Fairfax County General District Court presided over by Judge Tina Snee. The client was charged with Reckless Driving (131/55), an offense that would normally carry a lengthy jail sentence. Due to a clever argument on the speedometer calibration by Attorney Dischley, the Virginia State Trooper was unable to testify to the speed he observed on his speedometer; thus, resulting in no evidence of our client’s speed being before the court.

Judge Snee sustained the objection by counsel to the admissibility of the certificate as a result of the delay between when the calibration was done by the Trooper and the time it was sworn before a notary (nearly a month). Counsel then moved to strike the Commonwealth’s case; a motion that was granted resulting in the charges against the client being dismissed.

Other Reckless Driving Defense Lawyers in Fairfax County used the same argument to win their client’s cases resulting in another lawyer’s 107/55 Reckless Driving case being dismissed. Judge Snee was extremely knowledgeable in rendering her decision and holding the Commonwealth of Virginia to its burden of proof despite no prosecutors being involved in the case.