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US Law Enforcement is actively pursuing individuals that are ordering Methamphetamines and other drugs by mail. The dark web and Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) allow individuals to purchase drugs from other states and have them delivered to his or her home address or a drop address. In a nutshell, this is not advisable for two reasons:

USPS monitors shipment receiving and mailing addresses

Special Agents with the U.S. Postal Service are actively monitoring shipments from known narcotics sources and coordinating with local law enforcement to combat this type of drug distribution. Your address will be flagged. Once this occurs, chances are, law enforcement will obtain a federal sealed search warrant. If that search warrant reveals narcotics, a controlled delivery to your residence will occur. Upon delivery, a SWAT team will serve a search warrant on your home and seize the package, other narcotics, money, vehicles and electronics. All ultimately ending up in your arrest.

USPS and Other Law Enforcement have Drug Dogs that may hit on your package

Trained narcotics detection dogs smell Incoming packages to determine if they contain narcotics. Therefore, if narcotics are identified, law enforcement will open the package and begin an investigation. They may call you into the post office to pick up the package or deliver it to your home. If they deliver it, a search warrant will follow. If they have you come to the post office, once you pick it up, an arrest will likely follow.