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Being charged with any violent crime is a gravely serious matter. Should you be found guilty, you will almost certainly be sentenced to jail time and will result in a permanent criminal record. This record will make landing a job, securing housing, and living your life tremendously more difficult.

No matter what crime you have been accused of, you are entitled to due process. Our Manassas violent crime defense lawyers at Dischley Law, PLLC are committed to enforcing your rights and exploring every legal option available to you. Our team has over 30 years of legal experience building robust defenses for our clients.

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Violent Offenses in Virginia

Any crime that causes physical or emotional harm to another person is considered a violent crime in the state of Virginia. Many of these offenses will be tried as felonies, meaning that they can result in multiple years of jail time.

Our team can assist you in violent offense cases involving:

  • Assault & battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Harassment
  • Murder
  • Robbery
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Strangulation
  • Unlawful or malicious wounding
  • Voluntary or involuntary manslaughter

Penalties for Violent Crimes in Virginia

The extent of the punishments for a conviction in a violent crime will depend on the specific charges, their severity, and any mitigating circumstances. The extent of a victim’s injuries will also sometimes play a role.

Assault & battery cases are generally charged as misdemeanors with a maximum penalty of 1 year in prison and up to $2,500 in fines. Assaulting a law enforcement officer or committing assault in connection with a hate crime can result in enhanced felony charges with greater punishments. A third assault & battery offense within a 10-year period will typically result in the charges being upgraded to a felony.

Domestic violence cases are also in most cases charged as misdemeanors for first and second offenses. Convictions can lead to a maximum of 1 year of jail time and $2,500 in fines. Additional offenses within a 10-year period will generally lead to felony charges. First offenses can sometimes be dismissed after a probationary period involving community service, counseling, and drug and alcohol abuse coursework.

Most other violent crimes will be charged as felonies in Virginia. This means that you can be sentenced to multiple years in prison and face even larger fines. Being convicted of a Class 1 felony, a classification that includes murder, can result in life imprisonment or even death.

Defending You Against Violent Crime Charges

Every situation involving a violent crime is unique. We will assess the facts of the case and draw upon our decades of legal experience to determine what defense strategy is most likely to produce a favorable outcome.

Potential defense strategies include:

  • Demonstrating that another individual started or escalated the violent conflict
  • Demonstrating that any perceived malicious contact was accidental
  • Demonstrating that you acted in self-defense
  • Demonstrating that you acted in defense of others
  • Demonstrate that you were misidentified by a witness or law enforcement
  • Disputing the conduct of law enforcement
  • Disputing veracity of witness testimony

Our Manassas violent crime defense attorneys at Dischley Law, PLLC has an extensive knowledge of criminal law and can provide experienced legal support. We understand that your future is at stake and are committed to doing everything possible to deliver the results that you need.

Do not face violent crime charges without qualified legal assistance. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling (703) 215-9337 or contacting us online today.

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