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Facing a DUI?  Seek a professional to counsel you about your DUI charge.

Intoxication can lead to a host of serious criminal issues, including the potential for jail time. In society, there are laws that restrict those that choose alcohol as a beverage.  Public intoxication (drunk in public), underage possession of alcohol, driving after illegally consuming alcohol, and open container are just some criminal offenses that can result from the consumption of alcohol.  If charged with one of these offenses, you should immediately call Dischley Law, PLLC to figure out how to mitigate and win your case.

Dischley Law, PLLC focuses on helping individuals move past a DWI or other alcohol-related offenses. An experienced DWI lawyer can also help with all alcohol related offenses and provide advice so you never find yourself in these situations again.  Community service, counseling, and other mitigation techniques can help you avoid conviction and keep your record clean.

Most people don’t realize that in Virginia you DWI charges are possible even if you were not driving a car.  These scenarios involve intoxication while operating:

  • a moped
  • exercise motorized equipment
  • riding lawnmower
  • a motorized wheelchair
  • your parked vehicle
  • a boat
  • golf cart
  • motorized toy (PowerWheels, etc.)

Your DUI attorney will explain to you during your consultation the DUI laws and how the law applies in your case. Furthermore, The skilled and compassionate DUI attorneys at Dischley Law, PLLC will guide you through the court process. They will work diligently to achieve the best result so you can move past your DUI charge.  

So whether you were driving a car on the highway, sitting in a parked vehicle, or operating your kid’s PowerWheel, the DUI attorneys at Dischley Law, PLLC are ready to come to your defense.