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So, Dave one question that I get asked a lot is that you were a prosecutor for such a long time. Can you say you liked that job, which I really did! How did you find yourself switching sides? You know changing teams. So lets talk about what brought you to that decision why a good prosecutor makes an excellent defense attorney? It’s really about helping people. As a prosecutor, we help victims and we represent society in general. As a defense attorney, each individual is the person we represent. Good people find themselves in bad situations. When you get to know them and talk to them, you hear about their family and you hear about their goals and their background; the struggles that they went through you begin to really care about them. You empathize with them.

That allows you to convey that to the court and effectively represent them. It was happy as a prosecutor – I think was part of why I was effective. I think it was the part of I was that I had empathy for even the people that prosecute. You do not know how another person comes to be in that position unless you walked in their shoes. I think that’s part of being an effective attorney in any field is being able to put yourself in the mind of the other son or mom.

As a Prosecutor – I think one thing that I took seriously was understanding that I’m prosecuting this individual who’s committed a crime. But I’m representing society so I shouldn’t have personal animosity towards that person and if I’m going to prosecute a person and if I want to put them in jail or even prison if it’s a serious offense, I could understand there are consequences that person might be a father or a mother, sister brother.

It was a terrible act to put a person in jail to rip them out of their home, from our society, and segregate them. I’m in a locked facility away from home for a time and that’s solemn. Really terrible thing, but for me if I can but you know, I got to a point in my career as a prosecutor, I found I just had a lot of empathy.